Our team of financial professionals oversees a wide array of asset management and analysis responsibilities for our clients. We acquire complex data about our assets and refine them into actionable results, reporting to our clients with executive level summaries and operational details. Our asset management services equip owners and property managers with precise information to monitor the financial status and performance of their property. We partner with you to strategically position your assets for short-term and long-term growth. These services include: 

Accounting & Reporting

  • Operational Budget Preparation: Calculated monthly and annual budgets
  • Capital Planning: Annual and multi-year budget deliberation
  • Invoicing Services: Managing rents and payables expected from tenants
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting: Conduct variance analysis of actual to budget
  • Professional Recommendations: Determine when variances necessitate ownership action
  • Expense Analysis: Explore potential cost-saving measures
  • Rental Payment Monitoring: Identify and mitigate rental payment delinquencies

Cash Management

  • Collection Of Dues: Collect all rents and other amounts due as scheduled
  • Operating Expense Payment: Formation and management of client disbursement account

Asset Evaluation

  • Sophisticated Financial System: Detailed benchmarking data, portfolio analysis, building efficiency comparisons, etc.
  • Argus Financial Modeling: For overall return analysis

Asset Management Services: 

Lease Analysis | Review/Monitoring of Lease Terms and Related Agreements | Comprehensive Asset Analysis | Benchmarking and Market Analysis | Operating Cost Management | Debt Placement and Analysis | Capital Budget Forecasting and Monitoring | Financial Modeling for Property Acquisition and Disposition