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Preventative Maintenance

This category includes items that help avoid issues later on down the road. Changing filters, keeping landscaping maintained, cleaning gutters seasonally, etc...all fall in the preventive category. These items are best identified by doing a regular walkthrough to assess building systems, actual conditions of the building, and understanding the life expectancy of the materials, equipment, and replacement costs.

Routine maintenance

This is the next area of focus. IT includes any task that has a regular schedule or plan to address wear and tear. Items in this category may include painting high traffic areas, regular cleaning, etc… These are not emergency tasks or safety concerns. However, they reflect the general level of upkeep and attention of the building. These maintenance tasks can still require significant effort and resources to fulfill in a meaningful way. Our apartment building managers have been delivering on these routine maintenance tasks for years.


Requested Maintenance

This is the final category and one of the most important aspects of apartment management. This category often directly affects the satisfaction of the tenant due to the face-to-face nature of the interactions and impact of the daily life of the tenant. These are often emergencies within the units, like leaking pipes, clogged sinks, etc… These can also point to a lack of attention in preventive and routine maintenance items. At Ciminelli, we are sure to check off all the boxes in preventative and routine maintenance so the request category happens as infrequently as possible. If we do get maintenance requests, you can be sure that our team handles the situations with speed, accuracy, and great attention to detail.

Categorizing maintenance needs is done as part of a larger plan that we lay out for our apartment building management services. A comprehensive maintenance plan typically includes a regular schedule for preventive and routine maintenance activities. We include a means to measure quality of maintenance services to maintain our professionalism and gather as much data as we can to continually improve our processes. In addition to this, we have a list of pre-approved vendors that are familiar with the properties we manage, reliable on short notice, and available after hours. We even price these within budget projections, so we are ready for anything. All of this is done as part of our plan when we approach our apartment building management tasks. Find out more about how your Williamsville apartment can benefit from our high-level services.

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“Our board sat down with Ciminelli’s prospective new managers and were really impressed with the depth and breadth of services offered… the board is very confident we are not only improving our existence at Parkway, but we’re also saving money”

Craig A.,
Member Board of Managers, The Parkway Condominium

“The Ciminelli maintenance team is very respectful. We come first, which is huge. They’ve always done things timely, never waiting 2 or 3 weeks to complete maintenance requests, they are typically taken care of the day the request is submitted.”

Stephen T.,
Resident at The Sinclair

“The Mentholatum stood out quite dramatically because of the type of construction, the views, the big windows. We’ve enjoyed the personnel, they are very helpful.”

Bonnie S.,
Resident at The Mentholatum

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