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Ciminelli Real Estate Service in the Tampa, FL Community

Contributed by Heather List, Business Development Manager, Tampa, FL

Ciminelli Real Estate Services believes that community is not just a place; it is a relationship that ties companies, causes and people together. Below are some of the activities and programs we've participated in.

Understanding the Basics of Commercial Real Estate Leases

Contributed by Edward McGinn, Licensed Real Estate Broker, CCIM

A commercial real estate lease is a long-term commitment, and like all long-term commitments in life, you want to be sure you know exactly what you are getting into. It is crucial for both the property owner and tenant to understand which expenses are included and excluded from the lease; this will help to avoid any future confusion after signing on the dotted line.

5 Things to Consider Before Leasing Office Space

Contributed by Thomas Hernandez, Associate Director, SIOR, CCIM

Whether your company is moving offices or opening its first brick and mortar location, leasing office space can be a stressful task. According to a 2007 study done by Gettysburg Professor Andrew Naber, "one-third of your life is spent at work". So, it's safe to say your office has a major impact on your life. We collaborated with our real estate and property management professionals to compile the top five things to consider when renting an office space.

Residential Property Profile: The Mentholatum

Contributed by Amber Holycross, Senior Development Manager, AIA, LEED AP ID+C

The Mentholatum building is recognized locally for its association with The Mentholatum Company, a manufacturer of menthol-based health and beauty products. Ciminelli's vision for a landmark, residential mixed-use project that would be the cornerstone of Niagara Street's redevelopment, was realized through substantial renovation of the existing building.

5 Steps to Improve Building Expenditure

Contributed by Chris Reckart, Vice President Property Services, CPM, RPA, FMA

A building can only be as good as its property manager. From daily functions to vendor contracting, an established budget and eye for detail can make or break a building's profitability. Ciminelli's continually expanding managed portfolio of nearly 16 million square feet speaks volumes about our team's performance. As building owners ourselves, we know effective commercial property management is not just about maintenance - it's about identifying efficiencies and capitalizing on them to provide economic benefits to the owner/client. 

Ciminelli's Expansion Into South Florida

Contributed by Marty Busekrus, Managing Director, CCIM

January brought about the grand opening of our office in South Florida servicing the Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade Counties.  While this is a new venture for Ciminelli, the personnel that have formed the base of operations have been working in the South Florida commercial real estate world for quite some time. This office is headed by Mara Porras and Marty Busekrus, which combined have nearly 50 years of commercial real estate experience.  In terms of deal volume, they have managed over 2M square feet with transactional volumes in excess of $800M.

Benefits of Mixed-Use Development in Buffalo

Contributed by Denise Juron-Borgese, Vice President of Development & Planning, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

It's one thing to bring a community to life. It's an entirely different thing to bring life to a community. At Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation, our team injects life into the communities we serve with new and revitalized spaces that add value for everyone. While we have experienced success in many different areas of development and redevelopment, Ciminelli has always valued creating mixed-use development in Buffalo because of its ability to strengthen community ties, make commutes easier, and give businesses a prime location for success.

The 5 W's of Construction Management

Contributed by Brian Westall, Construction Management Coordinator

Construction management is a detailed craft and can become overwhelming if you don't have the right person for the job. We sat down with our Construction Manager, Derek Bennett, at Ciminelli Real Estate Services of Florida to outline the 5 W's of Construction Management.

Looking to Move Your Office? 6 Reasons You Need Tenant Representation Services

When looking for commercial space to lease, an industry expert on your side will make all the difference. Take a look at 6 benefits of choosing Ciminelli's engaging tenant representation services.

The Commercial Real Estate Market Recovery Continued Throughout The Tampa Bay Area in 2017

Contributed by Mary Foley, Associate Director

In 2017, Ciminelli Real Estate Services saw the continued demand for smaller commercial real estate spaces and an increase in demand for larger spaces above 20,000 SF. However, an interesting dynamic appeared and we found that despite an increase in demand for both industrial and retail space, we did not find the same demand for office. Read More.


A Day in The Life of a Facilities Manager

Contributed by Christopher M. Keenan, Senior Vice President of Property Management, LEED AP, RPA, FMA

The variety of responsibilities associated with facilities management leads to days that are far from routine; it is arguably what makes the job so exciting. Facilities managers manage buildings. Their work is all about producing the best performance for the building they're managing - while keeping costs under control. This can include the management of snow plowing, landscaping, heating and cooling systems, maintenance, accounting, and more. We do this for our clients by first identifying their major goals for building operations and maintenance; we then create a plan to achieve these goals. Click here to read more.

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