Real Estate From An Owner's Perspective

Since 1981, Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation, acquires, develops and manages a diversified portfolio of real estate assets on behalf of itself, institutional investors, private individuals, and companies. With a profound understanding of developing real estate value, our investment endeavors have continued to grow successfully. By continuing to uphold an ownership perspective, Ciminelli has established extensive industry relationships, expertise and a history of generating value for our clients. With a successful background as asset managers and real estate developers, we carry a competitive advantage in managing properties, sourcing real estate investment opportunities, and connecting with capital partners. 


Leveraging Ciminelli Experience

Ciminelli Real Estate has brokered, invested, developed and managed real estate for more than 35 years. Our cumulative experience has elevated Ciminelli into a premier real estate enterprise that comprises of several operating businesses and asset classes with a growing presence in Boston. Having operated throughout various market fluctuations and cycles, Ciminelli holds deep and broad industry experience to assess available opportunities and consistently deliver clients value through real estate acquisition, development, and management.


Our expansive deal sourcing network and experienced real estate staff identify opportunities to include within a diversified and balanced portfolio.


Asset Management

With real estate assets totaling nearly 15 million square feet under the oversight of our team, Ciminelli capitalizes on longstanding relationships in the industry and economies of scale to continue driving high performance for old and new assets under our management.


Ciminelli maintains a long history of real estate development that focuses on community improvement across all asset classes. As a result, our strategic operating partners continue to support our endeavors to develop valuable assets around Boston. Since 1981, Ciminelli has developed or redeveloped hundreds of residential and commercial properties, successfully advocating for the interests of all stakeholders, including tenants, nearby neighborhoods, municipalities, investors, and regulatory agencies.




Investment Strategies

Ciminelli Real Estate, and through its entities, invests in and manages real estate through our Core, Value-Add and Opportunistic investment strategies. These levels of investment apply to assets under Ciminelli’s and our client’s ownership. Our strategies are focused on properties within stable-to-growth markets that are positioned for appreciation over an investment's hold period. With Ciminelli’s thorough analysis and established acumen, expanding your investment portfolio with real estate options is a wise decision. 



Ciminelli's Core strategy focuses on real estate assets with a full or close-to-full occupation on the basis of long-term leases. These properties are conventionally in locations exhibiting strong market fundamentals. These investments are commonly characterized by lower risk and potential returns but stand as a dependable source of substantial current income. 


Ciminelli's Value-Add strategy focuses on real estate assets that carry the potential to generate medium to high current cash flow through strategic leasing and restructuring practices. Value-Add investments tend to target an attractive risk-adjusted return composed of current income and capital appreciation.


Ciminelli's Opportunistic strategy targets underperforming properties and development opportunities in less competitive markets or properties with unsustainable capital structures. Our focuses include ground-up development, repositioning properties or distressed property conversion. Opportunistic investments are typically characterized by a larger portion of the return resulting from capital appreciation than current income. 

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