Putting The Details In Place

A project's development is a complicated process. In the development process we become our client's single point of contact, providing unparalleled value in terms of the client's time and productivity -- critical components to any business strategy. We impart industry intelligence and the problem solving savvy that eliminates the hassle and lets the clients focus on their core business.

Ciminelli has in-house experts that quickly and accurately resolve our clients' concerns. Because we have developed the Ciminelli commercial real estate portfolio as well as various projects for other clients, we approach every real estate opportunity from an owner's perspective.

Development Corporation

We efficiently manage teams of highly skilled professionals, both in public and private sectors, who are involved in the development process. We assemble this team to oversee the areas of project design, construction, scheduling, budgeting, approvals, and public relations. Through coordination of this complex process, we provide the following in-house advantages to our client:

  Single-source accountability

  Greater synergy of the project team

  Experience of the developer as an Owner/Operator of property

  Greater client advocacy

  Simplified client involvement

Ciminelli was also the first developer in the region to have LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals on staff--providing clients an understanding of the financial benefits available by developing "green" buildings as well as the positive impacts on productivity and the long-term value of the building, and what it all means to your business.

Buffalo, NY Development

Clients select Ciminelli to develop their facility because they understand the value of purchasing an integrated package of development services ranging from pre-project planning, site selection,entitlements, design, financing, and property/facility management services.

From inception to completion, from making the complex simple, Ciminelli's development team will guide you through each step of the way.


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