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Arbor + Reverie.  Buffalo, NY

PROJECT UPDATE: Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation values the input we have received on this project from our community stakeholders. At this time, our project team has made the voluntary decision to remove Arbor from the proposed project plan, which covered the southern portion of the project site located along Bidwell Parkway.  Plans for Reverie will move forward, and we will continue to welcome and review public feedback. We plan to take additional time to develop an approach to the Arbor portion of the site, taking community feedback and overall market response to the development of Reverie into consideration.  We look forward to a plan that will contribute to the sustainability of the Elmwood Village, and of which residents, businesses and visitors can be proud.

Introducing Arbor + Reverie at Elmwood-Bidwell.  Where city life grows.  Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation sees the Elmwood-Bidwell area as the center of the Elmwood Village, and recognizes the outstanding qualities that make the neighborhood special.  Our Arbor + Reverie mixed-use project, which will be located at the intersection of Elmwood Avenue & Bidwell Parkway, will capture the unique energy that is indicative of the Elmwood Village, and will build upon the cultural & historic energy of this special place.   Arbor + Reverie will retain existing, thriving businesses, provide increased retail options for new, local businesses, and attract the people who will live in, support, and grow the neighborhood.  This mix of retail and residential is the next stitch of the continually evolving fabric of the Elmwood Village.   This exciting development is innovative, sustainable, and of the highest design quality.  It is an illustration of a lifestyle that is vibrant by nature, rich in culture, and energized by people.  Arbor and Reverie is positioned and intended to be the thread that knits together the Olmstead parkway, public art, and the people and experiences of the neighborhood.

A residential, mixed-use

project at the corner of Elmwood & Bidwell

Capturing the unique

energy of the Elmwood Village

Knitting together the fabric

of the Olmsted Parkway, public art, and the people and experiences of the neighborhood

Capacity is our Cornerstone

The development team of professionals at Ciminelli provides the full spectrum of design and development services, bringing the intellectual capital that is so critical to the success of today’s complex projects.  Our team of professionals possess a wide range of skills with a focus on architecture, planning, real estate, investments, and legal.  As a result, the work process is powerful and easy for clients to navigate, transforming goals and ideas into a vision realized.  Ciminelli’s resume of development projects includes examples of exciting office, residential, medical, retail, industrial, and mixed-use space.  Our capacity is clear, and we are putting the details in place.