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Our management company can accomplish all of the tasks related to successful property management, including the entire leasing/renting process, rent collection, vendor procurement and management, capital planning, construction, and maintenance alleviating any of the stress related to your specific constraints. 


Responsibilities of Residential Management Groups

Residential management services can take many forms. Specialized management groups may focus on various aspects of management. In most cases, leasing and property management are sourced together, but the owner always has the option to retain control over some of the related processes. For example, a residential building that experiences low turnover and is leased to full occupancy would not necessarily need the leasing services, but it may have a heavy workload of tasks relating to building repairs, tenant communications, rent collection, and more. Whatever your management needs or preferences, it is always important to partner with the right residential management group and team of experts they employ. Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation, is just that. We have experience in many facets of real estate as industry leaders. When you rely on us, we are confident that you will see the value in your new partnership almost immediately. 

Strategic Partnerships

Owning and managing real estate doesn’t necessarily need to go hand-in-hand. Creating a strategic partnership with our residential management group can empower real estate owners to focus on acquisition, disposition, and value creation strategies while a thoughtfully selected management team works to create value through the day-to-day operations and management. Ciminelli Real Estate works with a diverse group of owners that utilize our property management and leasing services to achieve results for their unique ownership strategies and scenarios. 

If you are a residential property owner in Buffalo, NY, contact us today for unparalleled leasing and management services that you can rely on!

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“Our board sat down with Ciminelli’s prospective new managers and were really impressed with the depth and breadth of services offered… the board is very confident we are not only improving our existence at Parkway, but we’re also saving money”

Craig A.,
Member Board of Managers, The Parkway Condominium

“The Ciminelli maintenance team is very respectful. We come first, which is huge. They’ve always done things timely, never waiting 2 or 3 weeks to complete maintenance requests, they are typically taken care of the day the request is submitted.”

Stephen T.,
Resident at The Sinclair

“The Mentholatum stood out quite dramatically because of the type of construction, the views, the big windows. We’ve enjoyed the personnel, they are very helpful.”

Bonnie S.,
Resident at The Mentholatum

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