The Ciminelli Real Estate team has a proven track record consisting of brokering countless transactions across the nation. We develop extensive market research that provides our teams with the necessary knowledge to position each property effectively. Additionally, we have established strong partnerships in networks across real estate markets, enabling us to provide you with every service you need in your property search.

Leasing & Sale Services:

Brokering leases and sales requires delicately balancing the needs of every party interested in the deal. Whether you are seeking responsible tenants or evaluating your options for purchasing or leasing a property, you can depend on our experienced team to assist you every step of the way. We can help you objectively assess your goals and the ways a property can help you achieve them. Overall, our team will help you close sales and leases at advantageous rates. 

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Partnering with our brokerage team gives you access to dependable and effective real estate solutions for your business and real estate objectives. To begin your search for buying, selling or leasing property in Tonawanda, contact us today!


Brokerage Services: 

Tenant Representation | Landlord Representation | Comprehensive Lease and Sale Negotiation | Transaction Consulting | Acquisitions/Dispositions and all Related Analytics | Office Leasing | Industrial Services