Does A Corporate Unit Make Sense For Your Business Travel?

Corporate units are the easy answer for many companies looking to support their traveling employees. Corporate units typically include furniture, fully equipped kitchens, housewares, and linens. The apartment complex likely offers conveniences like a fitness center, business center, lounge area and washer and dryer access if not included in-unit.

Not to be confused with Airbnb or vacation type rentals, corporate units are typically rented monthly, offer more square footage than even long stay hotel rooms, and are more affordable over the term.  While suited to a number of unique living situations including a home renovation or repair, medical stays, or to address a housing gap between renting and buying, corporate units are aptly named due to their usefulness for corporate employee travelers.

For many travelers, corporate units offer a unique mix of benefits making them the best option for extended stays away from home.  A few of the most common benefits are:

Fully Equipped Kitchens

Eating at your favorite restaurants can be great, but dining alone, crowded restaurants, dietary restrictions and a lack of variety can make the prospect of eating out for three meals a day hard to swallow. Kitchens that are fully equipped with full size appliances like stoves/oven, microwave, toasters, refrigerators, utensils and flatware, etc. make meal prep and cooking just as easy as it is at home. Online ordering of groceries makes it easy to stock up on the essentials you’ll need to prepare for a week of dining in.

Furnished Living Space

The foundation of a comfortable living space starts with furnishings. It’s standard for corporate units to be fully furnished. This eliminates the expense and hassle of moving furniture while providing that turnkey living solution business travelers and relocated employees need. Beyond furniture, most units will provide linens and other comforts to ensure your comfort.

Cost Savings

Corporate units are cheaper than hotel stays and provide a much higher level of comfort. Prices won’t fluctuate like those at hotels who may cater to sporting events, festivals, etc. with higher rates during certain travel times. Hotel stays usually mean service fees, beverage fees, etc. You’ll also find that even hotel suites do not provide the same amount of space that a corporate unit, essentially providing more value for your dollar.


If you’re staying for longer than a week it’s likely you’ll need to do laundry. Sure, going to the laundromat is always an option, but it’s definitely more convenient to have an in-unit washer and dryer or worst case, laundry facilities within the building. Not only is this a time saver during a busy work week, btu it provides some flexibility when trying to pack for an extended stay.

Building Amenities

From pet friendly residences complete with dog wash station, to bike storage and repair, car washes, fitness centers, community lounges, tenant programing and perks, corporate units provide unique amenities that enhance your stay and add value. Rooftop patios, barbers, bars and coffee shops all under the same roof take your corporate travel to a new level. You’ll be hard pressed to find these types of amenities provided with a high level of care at most hotels for the price you’ll pay for a corporate unit rental.

Attractive Locations

Simply put, location is everything. Apartment buildings are generally located in areas where people want to live or spend a significant amount of their time. It makes sense that hotels are located close to airports and central business district hubs. While that proximity to your work may be appealing in the short term, the absence of parks, restaurants and other recreation in these areas can make leaving your hotel tiresome. Apartment buildings are generally connected to community amenities like parks and walking trails, retail centers and similar lifestyle amenities. Enjoy quiet nights and options during the day with most corporate units.

The value and comfort that a corporate unit affords businesses and their traveling or relocating employees is unmatched. Flexible lease terms, spacious units, excellent amenities and location and a turnkey move-in combine to make corporate units an attractive addition to any corporate travel planning.

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