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As building owners ourselves, we understand the value of maintaining your assets and ensuring they’re delivering the highest possible return for you-and the best possible experience for your tenants. The cornerstones of our success in property management include a focus on exceeding our clients’ expectations through cost efficiencies, identifying Key Performance Indicators, developing comparative analyses, and utilizing competitive bidding, benchmarking, and satisfaction surveys. Interested in learning more about our property managers?

Expert Property Management

Office Property Management

Ciminelli has dominated the office market in Western New York for decades, first as a developer of large business parks, and then as the preferred leasing and management team of owners and tenants. Meeting the unique needs of office users means attention to detail, a powerful customer facing team including maintenance technicians, service coordinators and managers. It also means quick response times and an organized approach that generates useful data and insights. Suburban and urban portfolios, and individual buildings, benefit from this detail and data-driven approach to management through increases in tenant satisfaction, higher retention rates, lower operating costs and increases in value.

Ciminelli Commercial Real Estate Marketing Services

Industrial Property Management

Industrial properties are designed and built for function. Often sprawling, large-scale buildings with unique building systems and a need for 24/7 operation can present a unique set of challenges for a property management firm. Ciminelli’s experience constructing, owning and managing a variety of industrial property types has helped create a highly specialized team of maintenance technicians and property managers. Well-versed in building systems on a large scale, our in-house expertise in HVAC, fire suppression systems, roofing, and security are what makes Ciminelli the choice for owners and tenants of industrial spaces and buildings. In addition, our dispatch and work order systems, paired with an impressive list of prequalified vendor partners, means any problem at any time of day is met with an appropriate response.

Commercial Real Estate Services By Ciminelli

Retail Property Management

Retail uses including banking, convenience stores, food outlets and more create a unique set of challenges for property management companies. The primary impact is due to the high traffic use, extended hours of operation, and the effects of specialized equipment on the real estate infrastructure. All these factors create an incredible need for an experienced property management partner. Ciminelli’s retail knowledge comes from the hands-on experiences of our team managing multi-state retail footprints, for regionally significant retailers, all operating at a very high level. Ciminelli’s network of support services focuses on an organized and timely response to any need. From web-based dispatch and work order management, to measured response times of our maintenance technicians and vendors, the results create a data set that helps our team deliver the highest level of service in the shortest amount of time. Planning capital projects and preventive maintenance are key to our program, often diminishing maintenance and repair needs rapidly within the first months of a contract. We understand the needs of customer facing businesses, and our service philosophy creates a strong partnership.

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Medical Property Management

The medical industry presents unique challenges for property management professionals. The balance of patient comfort, functionality of the space, and the economy of management services provided are always in delicate balance. Our property management team manages several million square feet of medical real estate, and has identified areas of focus that can ensure smooth operation of the property and top-notch management of the real estate. Ciminelli emphasizes clear and scheduled communication with tenants in an effort to understand challenges presented at the property level. Preventive maintenance is critical to maintaining properties that often house sensitive equipment, while lawn care and snowplowing are critical to patient access and first impressions. The details of medical property management are magnified, making a proven property management approach invaluable.

Ciminelli Commercial Real Estate Services Team

Residential Management

Residential property management is a thoughtful assignment that draws on relationship and customer-focused service, as property management teams manage the homes of their clients. Individual preferences, special needs, and unique circumstances dominate residential property management operations. Ciminelli’s high-touch, relationship-first approach to management and service starts with our on-site team. Open office hours, clear and regular communication, and an understanding of personal space and schedules guide our residential teams day-to-day operations. Our specialized maintenance team also provides personalized services for tenants eliminating their need to contract with an outside vendor for common household items.

Ciminelli Commercial Real Estate Services Team


Survey results show our Property Managers maintain service levels that are recommended by 94% of customers


Of clients have engaged our services on more than one project

Managed commercial real estate portfolio totaling 26M SF


Ciminelli maintenance technicians annually complete work orders at an on-time completion rate of 98%



“Ciminelli has eased the burden of oversight of our maintenance. It just gets done and that’s what we needed all along.”

Daniel P. Reininga,
President & CEO Lakeshore Savings Bank

“We’re a company that delivers high quality service to our clients and we expect it in our vendors as well. Ciminelli has delivered 100 percent.”

Erik Fiebelkorn,
Vice President & General Manager Toshiba

“The professionalism of your employees and the response time to our requests for service is outstanding. It is a pleasure to do business with you!”

Joyce Andre,
Partners in Pediatric

“Ciminelli is a class act, the best the center has had since we became tenants in 2001.”

Tenant at Shoppes at Cloverplace

“Ciminelli is a big reason why we just renewed our lease for 10 years! I can’t imagine ever finding a more dedicated team of people willing to go out of their way to serve their customers!”

Michie Webster,
Southeast Regional Operations Manager

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