A Guide To Local Hotspots – The Mentholatum

A Guide To Local Hotspots – The Mentholatum

The Mentholatum, located at 1360 Niagara Street among the City of Buffalo’s West Side neighborhoods, has been an attractive option for apartment seekers for years due to its location within the emerging Niagara Street corridor and proximity to some of the City of Buffalo’s most popular retail, dining and outdoor destinations. Check out a few of our favorites here:

Broderick Park & Centennial Park

Both located on the shores of Lake Erie and The Niagara River, these waterfront green spaces are among the most popular in the city. Substantial green space, event programming, miles of trails and areas for picnics and sports combine to make these nearby parks a weekend destination for many residents of The Mentholatum. A true 4 seasons destination, the parks are enjoyed by many throughout the changing Western New York seasons.

Campus Wheelworks

More than a cycling shop, Campus Wheelworks is a Buffalo icon. The Niagara Street corridor infrastructure improvements including bike lanes is the perfect location for the groups second retail location in the city. Interested in growing the community of cyclists in Buffalo, the friendly staff create an experience that not only includes sales, but also includes group activities and events to get people out and riding. Meet new friends or neighbors through bike-centric programming and meet all of your cycling needs just steps from The Mentholatum.

Daddy’s Plants

For those with a serious green thumb or just caregivers of a small collection of houseplants, Daddy’s Plants is the place to be. Not your ordinary plant shop or nursery, Daddy’s Plants is an oasis of indoor tropical and desert plants. Founded in 2018, Daddy’s Plants is a Buffalo-based retailer focused specifically on indoor plant lovers of all types. Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or a newbie working on your green thumb, you’ll find something new the diverse mix of tropical and desert plants.

Santasiero’s Restaurant

A mainstay of the dining scene on Niagara Street, Santasiero’s is sure to become a regular stop for residents of The Mentholatum. Patrons enjoy Italian cuisine that has stood the test of time – over 100 years to be exact. As one of the city’s oldest restaurants, Santasiero’s has served generous portions of delicious food at modest prices in a warm atmosphere through the Great Depression, a world war, and countless Buffalo blizzards. From the red and white checkered tablecloths to traditional Italian wine tumblers and an atmosphere to make you feel like part of the family. Other notable dining options near The Mentholatum include Roost, La Nova Pizzeria, and Mint.

Rust Belt Books

Neighborhoods are anchored by small retail shops and unique experiences, and Rust Belt Books delivers. A wondrous independent used bookstore with something for every reader. Rust Belt Books buys books for cash or credit and takes your donations. The store carries fiction, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy, philosophy, history, children’s/YA, art, science & more! Rust Belt Books is also a space for community events, readings, and art. The shop is a cornerstone of city living and a quick hop from The Mentholatum.

As you can see, location is more than just proximity to the thruway and the office. The renter’s experience is shaped largely by the location of the apartment, and the engagement offered by the surrounding conveniences. The next time you’re on Niagara Street, check out some of these local favorites.

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