5 Benefits of Having an HOA Manager

Living in a community that is managed by a Homeowner Association (HOA) has an immense amount of benefits, including increase in property value, a rise in community engagement, well-maintained common areas, access to amenities, and architectural controls. Many of these responsibilities are enforced and determined by the HOA’s elected board of directors, and sometimes the tasks at hand can be overwhelming for these volunteers. This is where Ciminelli’s team of real estate professionals can step in to help.

Ciminelli’s HOA Management services team can assist your board of directors to effectively maintain the community on a day-to-day basis and make informed decisions. When deciding if HOA management is what your board needs, consider these long-term benefits for your community.

Maintaining Property Value

Many communities pride themselves on the overall visual appeal of their development. Hidden behind that perfectly maintained landscaping, plethora of amenities, and beautiful architecture is the tremendous amount of work that goes into it all. Oftentimes, this work requires the expertise of specialized vendors.

One of the benefits of having an HOA management team is the broad range of reliable, trustworthy vendors at their fingertips. Along with our own maintenance technicians, Ciminelli has the ability to connect your HOA with a variety of specialized vendors that can offer your community quality services and negotiated prices. Our team works with a large pool of vendors that are pre-qualified on quality and price. Over the long term, this high level of maintenance service can translate to savings and create a community that is an even more desirable place to call home.

Management of Finances

One of the biggest pressures that elected board members have to handle are the finances. Explaining the increase in fees to your neighbors, or collecting overdue assessments from residents you personally know, can be a daunting task that risks ruining your personal relationships.

An HOA Manager can assist with these requests, helping both sides rest assured that a third-party company will not have a conflict of interest. With a management company enforcing the HOA board’s policy, even delinquent payers will likely understand that they are only performing their duty, with no personal interests involved.

Enforcement of Policies

One of the most important elements of a successful HOA is consistently enforcing the HOA’s policies. Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to read through the policies, making sure they are clearly defined and enforced. An HOA Manager has the ability to bring their experience to the table, make decisions on how best to rollout new policies and enforce the existing ones, and ensure that all community members are held to equal and fair standards.

Member Engagement

An HOA Management company is only as good as the community and homeowners they serve. We take pride in bringing both the board and community members together. An unbiased HOA Manager can help ensure that all community members are represented in the board meetings, leading to a stronger sense of community between neighbors.

An HOA Manager will also bring streamlined processes to your board meetings and help ease overwhelming decision-making. This allows your board more time to focus on how to further create a strong sense of community within your development.

Residential Management Experience

Partnering with Ciminelli to manage your HOA brings a full range of experience to your community. As a full-service real estate firm, we bring a set of professionals that are knowledgeable in financial management and reporting, vendor procurement, management of operations and maintenance, preventive maintenance, and more.

With a managed residential portfolio of over 1M SF, Ciminelli’s HOA management team has the expertise to effectively manage the special needs of your community and deliver exceptional service.

Our team of HOA managers can help your board manage the community effectively and further the success of your community. To learn more about our residential services, and explore if we’re the right fit for your community’s needs, visit our residential management page.

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