3 Property Management Client Types and Their Most Requested Services

Property management is crucial for every building, and the top requested services vary among industries. Each industry and related building type has unique needs and a commonly shared interest to create and work within a facility where employees can perform their best work.

As a professional property management firm, we manage a significantly diverse real estate portfolio and our team of property managers receive a variety of requests on a day-to-day basis. We dove into our top 3 commercial management building types and highlighted their most requested services.

Commercial Office

The largest portion of our property management portfolio consists of the management of commercial office space. These are your typical commercial office building users including, but not limited to, technology, finance, government, law, media, and professional services. Our property management services are personalized to each building and owners’ needs, and many of our most requested services include:

  • Implementation of sustainable policies
  • Establishment of security plans and implementation
  • HVAC maintenance and repair
  • Vendor management and negotiation
  • Landscaping and/or exterior building maintenance
  • General maintenance requests
  • Small office renovations and upgrades

For our managed office buildings in downtown locations, we typically see a need for more extensive building security, frequent janitorial services in common areas due to the high foot traffic, and an extensive list of vendors to manage.

Ciminelli places great importance on hiring property managers and maintenance technicians that are approachable, responsive, and available. For buildings that require a significant amount of interaction with the tenants and/or landlord, we typically occupy an onsite office for convenience of our client.

Medical Office

Another significant portion of our portfolio consists of medical office. Medical office management requires extreme responsiveness, cleanliness, attention to detail, and overall security of the property. Property managers need to be conscious about the overall needs and conditions of their tenants, visitors/patients, surrounding healthcare community, and the environmental conditions of the facility.

The Ciminelli team partners with healthcare teams to manage day-to-day operations, compliance and certification of the space, maintain security, and provide preventive maintenance to the facilities. Day-to-day property and maintenance requests of medical office include:

  • Inspecting patient and waiting rooms for cleanliness and orderliness
  • Fire monitoring, emergency power, water management, and air management
  • Establish safety plans and maintenance programs
  • Identify needs for repairs and/or renovations
  • Creating and maintain budgets related to facilities operations
  • Negotiating service agreements with outside suppliers and service providers
  • Inspecting buildings to identify existing or emerging structural issues

In addition to daily operations, the properties team has the capability to manage compliances and certifications of the space, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Although important throughout every building type, we place great importance on preventive maintenance with medical space. By implementing this proactive approach we are improving and keeping safety top of mind for staff and patients, reducing equipment downtime, extending equipment life, and lowering the cost of maintenance and operating costs.

Convenience Stores

With the significant presence of convenience stores throughout the area, there is significant competition between operators and a need to entice consumers to visit and encourage them to return. To succeed, we recognize that c-stores must meet and surpass customers’ expectations as soon as they walk through the door. Not only does this mean providing a meticulously maintained store, but also a variety of equipment and amenities.

However, more equipment, amenities, and maintenance can increase the cost of maintenance. When we work with our c-store customers, we identify these costs, offer cost savings opportunities, and find efficiencies to save the owners money. Typical convenience store requests include:

  • Specialized preventive maintenance for unique, c-store equipment (ex. Slushie dispensers)
  • 24/7 services on an as-needed basis
  • Vendor management
  • Schedule and completion of required compliance reports
  • Routine repairs
  • Backflow inspection and certification

Although there are a variety of types of buildings to manage, and each building has its own unique qualities, they all share the same purpose of being a safe, welcoming, and efficient space for people to perform their best work and welcome visitors. A partnership with a professional property management firm will help the building find cost savings, operate at its full potential, and provide building operators with a reliable partner for any property’s needs.

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