Minimize Maintenance & Repair with These 5 Tips

When it comes to managing retail properties, like convenience stores, service stations, etc., maintenance and repair can be overwhelming. While it is crucial to guarantee all stores are running smoothly, efficient repairs and the costs associated can make or break a facilities budget. The key to running a well-oiled machine is keeping employees that are involved in daily operations well-trained and informed. With the help of these five tips, you can tackle maintenance and repair like a pro while minimizing the time, energy, and expenses that often accompany retail property management.

1. Identify where water shutoffs and electrical breakers are for all equipment and buildings.

If an issue arises, you will want to halt any factors that can worsen the problem immediately. It is important for every member of your staff to know where water shutoffs and electrical breakers are located, so they can cease power in the event of an emergency. Devote a few meetings each year to reviewing these locations with your employees and make yourself available to answer any questions that may arise regarding proper protocol. Contemplate placing easy-to-read signs by water shutoffs and electrical breakers detailing clear and concise instructions for turning on and off or provide a map to employees noting their locations within the building.

2. Create an emergency contact list and make it accessible to all staff.

Whether it is for maintenance or personal reasons, having an emergency contact list is never a bad idea. Keep your best technicians at arm’s length by compiling a contact list for all equipment maintenance and post it in highly visible and easy-to-find areas. Inform your team regarding best practices and who to contact and when to decrease the potential frenzy that follows a machinery or technology issue. The quicker your staff can identify next steps, the faster a technician can help your team return to order. Consider implementing a quick training with your teams to underline the importance of reacting quickly to emergency maintenance needs at each store location. Having excellent property management means having plans in place.

3. Ask repair techs about preventive actions to eliminate similar issues in the future.

Preparing for possible malfunctions and future repair needs is the easiest way to save when it comes to retail property maintenance costs. Talk with your repair techs and create a preventive maintenance strategy to properly track technical operations, complete with a list of past fixes, so there are no surprises. Maintenance techs may already have predictive testing and inspection processes in place, so be sure to include these with your strategy moving forward. Having these easy conversations will keep you one step ahead of future problems, before they become a pricey nuisance.

4. Care for equipment by checking manuals for routine care tips.

Routine care may seem like additional work, but when allocated amongst your team, it can save you from time-consuming and expensive repairs in the long run. Train your team on quick fix issues, so they are comfortable being the first line of defense. Incorporating routine care for all equipment into daily checklists for employees will ensure any issues are identified swiftly and can be addressed before it is too late. Not to mention, taking proper care of equipment will increase its lifespan and can help it run more efficiently, further saving costs.

5. Watch for small problems that could be indicators of a larger issue.

Problems like a minor leak can be an indicator of a much bigger issue down the road. While it may be convenient to quickly patch and move on, inspect and assess before pushing forward. The well-being of your staff should come first, which means addressing any maintenance or necessary repairs as soon as they are discovered to evade injury threats. It is always best to err on the side of caution, especially when production and/or the safety of your employees are at risk. At the first sign of a small issue, consider the greater impact on the day’s processes. Address the small needs with urgency and then take extra time to check there is not an additional and larger issue at hand.

Manage your properties with ease and keep tensions at bay by keeping these five maintenance and repair tips in mind. If you find yourself needing additional help overseeing your stores and staying on top of management needs, check out our website to see if Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation can provide a solution. We manage preventive and routine maintenance and inspection programs to optimize equipment performance and relieve added stressors from your plate. Learn more at our property management page.


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