Residential Property Profile: The Mentholatum


The Mentholatum, a residential mixed-use project.


1360 Niagara Street Buffalo, NY 14213


The Mentholatum building is recognized locally for its association with The Mentholatum Company, a manufacturer of menthol-based health and beauty products. Designed by architect George Townsend and constructed in 1919, the building is an excellent example of a turn-of-the-century daylight factory. The 80,000 square foot factory was the Buffalo, NY base of operations for the Mentholatum Company until 1989. In 1997, the building sold to the Garrett Leather Corporation, which occupied it until Ciminelli’s purchase was completed in 2016.


Ciminelli’s vision for a landmark, residential mixed-use project that would be the cornerstone of Niagara Street’s redevelopment, was realized through substantial renovation of the existing building. The finished project boasts 49 market-rate apartments, offering a choice of six different unit types, ranging from one- to two- bedrooms. The building also offers approximately 4,000 square feet of available commercial space at the north end. The Mentholatum provides parking in a covered and secure lower level, as well as substantial surface parking on-site. The building’s architectural characteristics and specialized uses make it historically significant among the City of Buffalo’s inventory of buildings. Ciminelli’s renovation retained a great deal of the building’s integrity on both the interior and exterior, and it continues to be an excellent example of early twentieth-century craftsmanship, style, and daylight factory design.

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Prime buildings and great locations are hard to come by. Ciminelli’s Project Management team has always admired 1360 Niagara Street; daylight factories make for a great adaptive reuse into residential. The re-establishment of Niagara Street, its buildings, businesses, and residents, making it the up-and-coming hot spot for residential development in Buffalo. This neighborhood is undergoing a transformation, with the introduction of a new streetscape, the redevelopment of several buildings, and the increasing presence of lively restaurants and businesses. The choice to renovate The Mentholatum was made easier by the realization that it would help maintain Buffalo’s rich industrial history and contribute to this revitalization.  


The City of Buffalo has spearheaded an initiative to improve the 4.5 mile Niagara Street Corridor, including the section of Niagara Street outside the front door of The Mentholatum. The redevelopment project’s goal is to improve traffic flows and patterns in a manner more consistent with the evolving nature of the neighborhood, to encourage bicycle and pedestrian use, and to promote economic development. Niagara Street is a main north/south artery for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians traveling to and from the Central Business District of Buffalo. 

The Mentholatum was intentionally designed to display the building’s historical characteristics while continuing to help grow and shape the surrounding neighborhood. Now complete, The Mentholatum complements Niagara Street’s unique, energetic personality. Continued development in the area promises to provide the foundation for an even more vibrant neighborhood with unmeasurable potential. 

A rich history and exciting future for the building and the surrounding neighborhood make The Mentholatum a great option for renters. High-end finishes, amenities, and market rental rates ensure The Mentholatum will continue to be a landmark for decades to come.

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If you’re interested in learning more about The Mentholatum, or setting up a showing, visit or call (716) 631-8000. 

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