Ciminelli Builds Quality Careers

Our people are our foundation; they are solid.  Why?  Because we provide them with tools like a comprehensive orientation program; on-the-job training; formal training opportunities; and, mentorship.  If you want to be strong enough to support a great career, build it with us.  We value innovation.  Great ideas come from great people!  Our company policy is open door, and our company philosophy is open ears.  Join us and be heard.  The postings below reflect current openings.  If you don’t see the job you’re looking for we encourage you to submit your resume using the link below.  We are always looking for talented people to join our team.

Current Job Openings

Benefits of career building at Ciminelli

Protecting assets is at the core of Ciminelli.  We consider our people our greatest asset.  That’s why we ensure our people are protected and well cared for through providing a comprehensive benefits program.  There’s more, but the highlights are listed here.

  • HD medical plans at no cost
  • Premium medical plan options
  • Dental at no cost
  • Life & Disability at no cost
  • 401K
  • Vacation & sick time

What makes a great cover letter?

Tell us what you want to be. An accountant? A building technician? A leasing agent? Tell us why you want to be HERE. Show us you cared enough to learn about Ciminelli so we will want to learn more about you. Tell us how you think you can contribute to our success.