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It is common for condominium owners to work with professional property management companies like Ciminelli. Typically, this is due to the often overwhelming responsibilities of managing condominiums. Individual units, and the condo as a whole need management skills that are often beyond the capabilities of the homeowner themselves, making property manager a valuable asset to the operation. In many instances, an association of homeowners is established to manage the property and allocate responsibilities on behalf of all the owners. However, this usually is ineffective as most homeowners tend to lack the right skillset or experience to optimally handle a variety of scenarios and responsibilities that come along with condominium management. 


Administrative responsibilities

Responsibilities of condominium/ HOA's often become overwhelming, very quickly. Tasks like conducting meetings, taking votes, managing sales and purchases, and enforcing guidelines can become increasingly difficult for an individual as all of the units fill up. One single point of contact is often ideal for everyone involved in the management process, and Ciminelli has a staff full of experts who can fill that role. Our experts will coordinate all of these items, document and keep records, and provide order to all administrative aspects. This alone can be a tremendous value to the owner.


A reputable condominium/ HOA property management company such as Ciminelli will attract the best managers in the area. The specific individuals will usually have the skills and experience to handle complex issues, provide direction, and establish order in complicated and challenging situations. Many homeowners just don’t have the amount of exposure to these types of management situations and responsibilities to handle the task at hand while thinking about long term impact. Our experienced manages, however, can do just that!

Oversight of contractors/service providers

There are many aspects of managing property that often go overlooked. Managing contractors responsible for landscaping, snow removal, trash removal, facility maintenance, HVAC systems, and more can be a full-time job in and of itself. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to land reputable contractors in your partnerships. Property managers like Ciminelli already have a list of preferred vendors, an established process, and pricing figured into their property management process. It is an endeavor that requires time and experience.

Using all the services that Ciminelli has to offer can help create value for homeowners and condominium owners in the Buffalo, NY area. It goes without saying that the greatest value comes from maintaining or increasing the value of your property under our management. When done right, properly managed real estate provides excellent returns for owners over time, and engaging with a skilled property management professional helps to ensure a desirable outcome.

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“Our board sat down with Ciminelli’s prospective new managers and were really impressed with the depth and breadth of services offered… the board is very confident we are not only improving our existence at Parkway, but we’re also saving money”

Craig A.,
Member Board of Managers, The Parkway Condominium

“The Ciminelli maintenance team is very respectful. We come first, which is huge. They’ve always done things timely, never waiting 2 or 3 weeks to complete maintenance requests, they are typically taken care of the day the request is submitted.”

Stephen T.,
Resident at The Sinclair

“The Mentholatum stood out quite dramatically because of the type of construction, the views, the big windows. We’ve enjoyed the personnel, they are very helpful.”

Bonnie S.,
Resident at The Mentholatum

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