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201 Ellicott Street. Buffalo, NY

Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation is the City of Buffalo’s designated developer for the ±2.5 acre 201 Ellicott Street site.   201 Ellicott is planned as an exciting mixed-use development for downtown Buffalo’s Central Business District.  The project, totaling over 200,000 square feet includes 201 affordable apartments and a fresh food market.  The residential component will reach a height of 5 stories along Ellicott Street and 7 stories along Oak Street and will include 131 one-bedroom units and 70 two-bedroom units.  The market will total approximately 20,000 square feet and be a mix of 7,000 square feet of retail space and 13,000 square feet of wholesale space.  We have listened to the voices of stakeholders with a vested interest in the community surrounding 201 Ellicott, through a series of interactive workshops held over the last few months.  Their input has informed and enhanced the project, defining its guiding concepts: AFFORDABILITY, MOBILITY, HEALTH & WELLNESS, and VIBRANCY.
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Thoughtful collaboration will

ensure a vibrant and connected project in the city of Buffalo

Our plan for the project

includes a fresh food market, residential,
& connections to transit options

A new transit-oriented

and vibrant destination

Capacity is our Cornerstone

The development team of professionals at Ciminelli provides the full spectrum of design and development services, bringing the intellectual capital that is so critical to the success of today’s complex projects.  Our team of professionals possess a wide range of skills with a focus on architecture, planning, real estate, investments, and legal.  As a result, the work process is powerful and easy for clients to navigate, transforming goals and ideas into a vision realized.  Ciminelli’s resume of development projects includes examples of exciting office, residential, medical, retail, industrial, and mixed-use space.  Our capacity is clear, and we are putting the details in place.