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What sets us apart?

“The Ciminelli Difference”

Exceptional Marketing Support

We maintain a highly skilled and licensed marketing staff. From creating high quality marketing materials to handling postings and mailers, the support from the marketing team enables our leasing agents to be fully dedicated to leasing your property.

Flexible, Customized Solutions

We understand that each owner’s needs are different. The Ciminelli team implements the appropriate strategy to achieve the specific needs for each of our clients.

Unique Culture – By Design

Unlike most brokerage shops where agents are 1099 independent contractors, all of our team members, including agents, are employees with comprehensive benefits and cost reimbursements. This ensures very low turnover, high employee satisfaction, and a true mutual commitment between our employees and the organization.

Senior Level Involvement

With Ciminelli, you enjoy a company level commitment to your property and are never relegated to the “B-Team”. Senior leadership is accessible to our clients, actively supports the operations and marketing team, and reviews performance to ensure the proper business plan for each asset is being implemented.

Every Lease Matters

Big or small, we strive to close every deal. Our team members work diligently on all leases, regardless of the size of the transaction. Our philosophy is, “What you do for large deals shows your skill set. What you do for small deals shows your character".

Affiliations with the Top Organizations

We firmly believe that networking with our peers across multiple organizations ultimately benefits our clients. Our employees are leaders within these commercial real estate organizations at a local and national level.

The market isn’t the only thing that dictates your asset’s value.

Your MANAGEMENT TEAM is the one thing you can control when it comes to positioning your property for maximum return. Learn more about our Award-Winning and Accredited Ciminelli Management team, and how our Brokerage and Management team can work together to maximize your returns!

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