Leveraging Our Team’s Experience

Ciminelli has evolved into a premier real estate enterprise encompassing multiple operating businesses and asset classes across seven states, with offices in NY, CT, PA, MA and FL.  Having operated throughout all market conditions and cycles, Ciminelli draws upon its broad reach and deep industry experience to generate attractive opportunities that consistently deliver value to our investment partners. Our team’s strength in a number of real estate disciplines lends itself to a value-add approach to investments.



Our broad deal-sourcing network and experienced real estate staff provide opportunities to create and manage a balanced and diversified portfolio. Ciminelli focuses on real estate assets that have the potential to generate current cash flow and opportunity to add value through leasing and repositioning strategies. We target an attractive risk-adjusted return consisting of a combination of current income and capital appreciation.



With nearly 17 million square feet of real estate assets overseen by our team across 7 states, Ciminelli has the experience and insight to capitalize on industry relationships and efficiencies and create high-performing assets. Efficiencies, responsiveness, and proven processes drive the success of our management platform and therefore our investment returns.



Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation offers brokerage services including tenant and landlord representation, investment sales, and consulting throughout WNY and Florida. Our experiences in shaping the commercial real estate market in the markets we serve, and the insights gained through decades in the industry, add significant value for clients who need help making their next real estate move.  Additionally, the relationships we have formed with 3rd party owners create the opportunity to review many off-market deals.



Ciminelli has a long history of community-focused real estate development across asset classes. Capitalizing on these capabilities is important when sourcing new opportunities and when working with strategic partners.  Since 1981, Ciminelli has successfully developed or redeveloped hundreds of commercial and residential properties, coordinating the interests of all stakeholders, including surrounding neighborhoods, municipalities, regulatory agencies, tenants and investors.


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Current investors can access Ciminelli’s web-based reporting platform to accessing various documents & reports related to your investments.

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A real estate partner that sees the big picture

Sourcing of Acquisition Opportunities

With over 35 years of commercial real estate experience in the markets we serve, local experience and understanding, and a diverse network of third party owners, Ciminelli is in a position to deliver the expertise and off-market deals only a full service real estate team can provide.  

Ciminelli's qualifications:

  • Extensive market knowledge
  • Established relationships with active investment sales brokers
  • Leverage relationships with third party owners


Our real estate professionals in facilities management, development, brokerage and asset management work collectively to share their expert insight as it relates to opportunities. This comprehensive approach is paired with market intelligence and state of the art software to underwrite your prospective investment.

Ciminelli's qualifications:

  • First hand in depth knowledge of market dynamics
  • Proficiency in Argus discounted cash flow analysis

Due Diligence Assistance

Our team of real estate experts will assist with all steps of the due diligence process.

Ciminelli's qualifications:

  • Skilled and detailed lease abstraction practices
  • Proficient at assessing and benchmarking vendor contracts/operating costs
  • Ability to tap vendor relationships for quick and cost effective reports (PCA, Phase I) and cost estimates (parking lots, roofs, HVAC, etc.)


Our accredited team will administer the day-to-day operations & management of the asset, initiating value-enhancing practices from day one.

Ciminelli's qualifications:

  • 23M sq. ft. portfolio
  • Comprehensive accounting and work order management systems


When our team meets your investment goals, our team may recommend disposition of your asset and work to coordinate the process to maximize your return.

Ciminelli's qualifications:

  • Recognized by industry associations including NAIOP, BOMA and CCIM
  • Numerous repeat clients and long term investment partners

Learn More About the Process

Our approach works

33 Locke Drive,
Marlborough, MA

Property: 6 61,177 sq. ft. Lab/Office building
Objective: Increase below market in place rent by adding value to the property through building improvements and enhancements to the tenant experience


  • Largest tenant in the building (33,392 sf) was set to expire, and likely vacate
  • Another major tenant (15,534 sf) was set to mature in March 2020
  • Property common areas needed to be updated, and deferred maintenance tasks required immediate attention
  • Previous property manager did not have a good relationship with tenants


  • Immediately communicated planned building improvements to tenants and began those improvements upon purchasing the building
  • Engaged with tenants regarding extending their lease terms
  • Introduced on-site building technician to manage improvements and repairs, and strengthen tenant relationships
  • Implemented our web-based work order management system to improve tenant experience
  • Focused on quick response/communication to tenants


  • Extended major 15,534 sq. ft. tenant for additional five years at increased rental rate with annual bumps and no Tenant Improvements
  • Extended approximately 85% of largest tenant’s space (previously scheduled to vacate space at end of lease term) for an additional year with a rent increase
  • Completed improvements to the lobby and café area including carpet, paint, and furniture.

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