Back to Business: Clear message matters most

Fri, Jun 5th 2020 11:00am

Paul Lane
Buffalo Business First

Ciminelli Real Estate Corp. is among the property-management companies adding adhesive disinfectant strips to door handles in common areas. The NanoSeptic devices are self-cleaning and come in a variety of shapes and textures, including some that are gel-like.

“It’s kind of a cool thing,” said Christopher Keenan, Ciminelli’s senior vice president of property management, who noted the technology isn’t new, but was introduced to his company in the spring. “These materials have within them small crystals that are a catalyst. When organic material comes in contact with it, like this virus, it starts going to town and starts an oxidation process that destroys the organic material.”

The strips are powered by light, according to the company, and use no chemicals. They first hit the market last summer. The company also makes covers that can go over elevator buttons.

The strips work for about 90 days, which Keenan said makes them more cost-effective than paying someone to constantly sanitize surfaces. Tenants are being given welcome-back bags with masks, hand sanitizer and other personal protective equipment.

Cost was mitigated somewhat by reductions in utility expenses and window cleanings since mid-March.

“Some things have unanticipated initial cost. Ten months ago, no one here had ever heard of NanoSeptic,” Keenan said.

More importantly, he said, the company must supply customers and tenants with information about all safety measures.

“We create a clear communications plan to let them know what they’re seeing. We’re in the screwdriver-and-crescent-wrench business, but we find that the words and messaging, and clear communication, are what matter.”