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The Ciminelli team offers elite residential property management services in Buffalo, NY and throughout New York State. Our established service footprint enables our team to deliver results for customers throughout Buffalo.

We serve the areas around Buffalo including Amherst, Williamsville, & all the surrounding areas.

Real Estate Services For Buffalo, NY

Ciminelli has a history of being both an owner and operator of substantial commercial and residential real estate properties. We are Buffalo, NY’s leading real estate service provider, boasting a substantial real estate portfolio and providing management services with results that have been achieved due to decades of experience. Our facilities/asset management, leasing/sales, and development footprint has grown regionally. As we grow, we continually pursue new office and mixed-use development opportunities while refining our management processes to create the best ROI possible for our clients.

At Ciminelli, we pride ourselves on the relationships—and results—we create with our clients.

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Ciminelli has offices in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, serving a portfolio in seven states.

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