The maintenance of a commercial property plays a key role in preserving and increasing a property’s value and appeal. You can trust that the Ciminelli team of real estate professionals approaches the maintenance and repair of your property with this mindset.

As a cornerstone of our maintenance program, we implement tested and proven procedures and schedules for preventive maintenance, curative/routine maintenance, and inspection programs to optimize the performance and extend the life of your asset. Success is regularly achieved through communication with owners/tenants to define expectations and align the resources to execute as needed. Additionally, our team focuses on the following areas:


Understanding the balance between the man-power needed for certain maintenance items, how much time is actually required, and what is most cost-effective for the property and the owner is critical to staffing. Our team has the historical experience and real-time data to determine these needs for our clients and complete a staffing plan to fulfill on-site duties efficiently. At times, repairs and maintenance require expert insight that can only be obtained by using an outside vendor. In these instances, our team utilizes an established list of prequalified vendors to carefully control quality and risk.


Response time is paramount when it comes to tenant requests. Response time not only affects tenant satisfaction, but it can also have an effect on the condition of the property. Engaging tenants and encouraging their involvement as part of your maintenance and repair team is important to success. Tenants are often the eyes and ears of a property, and having an open and responsive relationship with them means concerns are discovered quickly and addressed in a timely manner. We utilize a web-based solution to coordinate and track tenant requests, and regularly report to our clients on completion times, recurring issues, etc.


Cost-saving measures, such as preventive maintenance and care, have proven to deliver value and extend the life of building systems, finishes, and the asset overall. Our seasoned technicians have the expertise to recognize the needs of your property – preventing small issues from becoming bigger ones, in turn, saving time, resources, and money for the owner.


In cases where incidents require immediate attention after hours, we utilize both our web-based system, Corrigo, and an after-hours emergency phone line that will alert our Building Technicians, who are available 24/7/365. We recognize that a timely response can help prevent further damage to the property and strengthen relationships with tenants.

Do maintenance problems in your building make it tough to focus on your job? Our team can handle your facility maintenance so you can get back to work.