The team at Ciminelli carefully manages vendors to deliver quality products and performance at competitive pricing. Our prequalification process for vendors ensures consistent performance for every client. Emergency and after-hours work are also performed by the same trusted vendors. Learn more about how we successfully manage our vendors!


Our team establishes initial service specifications for each service and vendor partner. This includes the coordination of performance schedules, standards, insurance, and any other details pertaining to the service they are providing. We collect, verify, and organize all necessary documentation as part of a robust proposal/bid process. The competitive landscape that is created through this process provides exceptional value for our owners and clients. Standardized contract language across our portfolio further solidifies the expectations we set for our vendors.


Just as there are different classes and types of buildings, there are different classes and types of vendors. From building redevelopment and landscaping to tenant improvement needs, vendors play a pivotal role in a building’s maintenance program. One vendor may not be an appropriate fit for every building. When looking for vendors, our team keeps this in mind and tailors bids/contractor selections accordingly, matching the strengths of a particular vendor with the scope of building maintenance needed. Our approach focuses on the best service for the best value, which means closely examining the details of vendor capabilities, successes, failures, and more.


Our team is committed to the care and maintenance of your property, and we expect the same from our vendors and contractors. Our regularly utilized vendors undergo periodic assessments to ensure a consistent level of quality is produced in the work they complete. To reinforce this commitment, our team schedules on-site visits to review the scope of work for excellence in execution and a product that meets our standards. We maintain direct communication with tenants and address any concerns or questions vendors may have. In addition to these day-to-day activities, our team regularly surveys clients and tenants to determine if service levels are meeting expectations. This data is invaluable in establishing benchmarks across the portfolio.

Eveybody has a guy....the difference is our vendors meet insurance guidelines, service benchmarks, and provide pricing based on our volume, not yours...