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Multi-family property management is a legacy business with low barriers to entry and historically little regulation.  Multi-family real estate in its simplest form includes building owners, landlords, and tenants together, forming a unique relationship based on providing a suitable, well-maintained home at a reasonable cost.  With regulation, the industry has grown substantially and become much more advanced.  Monitoring, reporting and analysis have become critical to success.  For most owners and their management companies, the use of technology has become a necessity to properly manage multi-family assets.  Something that Ciminelli has quickly adopted in our practice to help provide the best results possible. There are technology solutions for nearly every aspect of multi-family property management including accounting and finance, personnel and more, but it is perhaps most widely used in the areas of leasing and maintenance.

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Leasing agents no longer rely on print publications and signage to advertise available units.  Successful agents engage with their prospects digitally.  Spreading the word on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, these agents not only solicit interest, they are part of the brand building that has become so important to apartment communities in recent years. Our multi-family management company uses a variety of social media, websites, email, chat tools and more to engage with potential tenants.  Sharing pictures, video, and 360-degree virtual tours replaces most traditional in-person showings as potential tenants opt to “visit” properties and explore the spaces on their own time.  The process of signing a lease is completely digital in most instances as is the ability to make monthly rent payments.  Large website have sprung up to cash-in on these digital trends, giving apartment seekers the option to check out several similar apartments within minutes, compare square footage, rental rates, and amenities and ultimately sign a lease.  Times are definitely changing, and successful multi-family property management is keeping pace. Ciminelli is also continuously adapting and refining our processes, so we can be your reliable multi-family property management company.

It’s clear, technology has made it’s mark on multi-family property management which is why Ciminelli implements tech tools to improve performance in all areas of management.  Ciminelli is dedicated to remaining current with technology trends and to investing in the infrastructure as it becomes available.  The demand from owners and the industry is a solid indicator the trend will continue.

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“The Ciminelli maintenance team is very respectful. We come first, which is huge. They’ve always done things timely, never waiting 2 or 3 weeks to complete maintenance requests, they are typically taken care of the day the request is submitted.”

Stephen T.,
Resident at The Sinclair

“The Mentholatum stood out quite dramatically because of the type of construction, the views, the big windows. We’ve enjoyed the personnel, they are very helpful.”

Bonnie S.,
Resident at The Mentholatum

“Our board sat down with Ciminelli’s prospective new managers and were really impressed with the depth and breadth of services offered… the board is very confident we are not only improving our existence at Parkway, but we’re also saving money”

Craig A.,
Member Board of Managers, The Parkway Condominium

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