Why the Healthcare Industry Relies on Professional Property Management Services

Ciminelli has developed, owned, and managed a significant healthcare real estate portfolio for decades, providing our property management team with a unique perspective on healthcare facilities and what it takes to manage them well.

Our property management team services significant real estate portfolios for healthcare providers WellNow, Aspen Dental Group, the University at Buffalo’s Medical Faculty Practice (UBMD), Great Lakes Medical Imaging, WNY Urology, Catholic Health and Kaleida Health. Also notable, is our healthcare development portfolio including Conventus Center for Collaborative Medicine, 716 Health, and the Roswell Park Scott Bieler Amherst Center totaling over 1M square feet of developed medical space and fine tuning our approach to development, brokerage, and asset management for medical clients.

From patient care to administrative tasks, the seamless operation and management of healthcare facilities is essential for delivering quality healthcare services. Managing healthcare facilities requires specialized expertise to ensure efficient operations, compliance with regulations, and a safe environment for patients and staff. Areas of focus for our property management team include:

Maintenance and Patient Experience

Maintaining healthcare facilities goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about shaping the patient and staff experience, ensuring a safe and inviting environment, and maintaining the value of the property.  Healthcare facilities are high traffic, often operate outside standard 9 to 5 business days requiring thoughtful planning, proper scheduling of work, and strong communication with tenants.  In addition, Property Managers and Maintenance Technicians oversee maintenance and building system inspections including HVAC system maintenance, plumbing repairs, security and access systems monitoring, and electrical inspections, to ensure that facilities operate smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, they coordinate preventive maintenance schedules to address potential issues before they escalate, minimizing disruptions to medical services and providing a welcoming environment that is a cornerstone of the patient experience.

Space Optimization and Expansion

As healthcare needs evolve, healthcare facilities must adapt to accommodate changing demands. Successful Property Managers collaborate with healthcare administrators to optimize space utilization within their facilities, ensuring that every square foot serves its intended purpose efficiently. Whether it’s reconfiguring existing spaces or overseeing new construction projects, Property Managers facilitate the expansion and renovation of healthcare facilities to meet the growing needs of patients and staff, all while maintaining critical functions. A Property Manager with specific healthcare related real estate experience can be an invaluable partner in this regard.

Cost Management and Budgeting

Managing the financial aspects of healthcare facilities requires a keen understanding of budgeting and cost management principles. Property Managers are responsible for developing and overseeing operating budgets, capital project plans, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and negotiating contracts with vendors and service providers. Experience working with healthcare clients means clear and detailed communication with vendors to ensure they address areas of specific importance to these properties, ultimately benefiting the property finances and ownership.  By maintaining fiscal responsibility, Property Managers help healthcare organizations allocate resources effectively while delivering high-quality care to patients.

Tenant and Stakeholder Relations

Effective communication and collaboration are cornerstones of any property management scenario, but healthcare clients require another layer of dedication.  Working proactively to foster positive relationships with tenants, stakeholders, and community members, Property Managers are liaisons between healthcare providers, patients, vendors, owners and others addressing concerns, resolving conflicts, and soliciting feedback to improve facility operations. By nurturing these relationships, Property Managers contribute to a supportive and cohesive healthcare environment that prioritizes patient care.

In conclusion, property management plays a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of healthcare facilities. From patient and staff experience, maintenance, safety, and cost management, Property Managers are instrumental in creating environments where patients receive quality care and healthcare professionals excel.

Ciminelli’s success in managing diverse healthcare portfolios underscores our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence in real estate services. By collaborating closely with leading healthcare providers Ciminelli continues to elevate the standard of property management and real estate services, contributing to the advancement of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

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