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Episode 8: The Three Sixty Perspective

For this episode, we had the pleasure of connecting with the founders of Buffalo’s Three Sixty Views, Tony Thomas and Jordan Scinta. Established in 2017, Three Sixty Views set out to deliver high quality digital content for real estate using the latest technologies available. We have worked with Tony and Jordan from the beginning and have always been amazed by the photography and videography they capture of our properties and available spaces. Their grit and go-getter attitudes have propelled their business into the success that it is today, and we loved getting to discuss the history of Three Sixty Views, the future of visual marketing for real estate, and how technology is changing the industry for the better. We hope you love listening to this one was much as we loved recording it.


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Episode 7: The Purpose of Public Art

Episode 7 is all about Public Art, a topic that was inspired by an ongoing project at Buffalo’s Lafayette Court Building. Currently, Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation is in the process of completing a significant renovation to modernize the lobby, tenant spaces, and building exterior. Through our renovation process, we were able to partner with a local artist, Danielle Saeva, to create six unique window murals (with an obvious Buffalo flavor) that we think the public will love! Danielle joined us for this episode to discuss the impact of public art and why it has become such a staple within our city.

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Episode 6: Workplace Strategy

On episode 6, we revisit the topic of reimagining the office by talking workplace strategy with the experts, Kyle Ciminelli and Tamar Moy. Kyle is the Executive Vice President at Newmark Ciminelli and Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation, and Tamar is the Senior Vice President of Workplace Strategy and Human Experience at Newmark. Their joint and individual successes make them the perfect guests to share the impact of workplace strategy and how it's shaping the future of the commercial real estate market. If you haven't already listened to our second Ciminelli Chats episode, where we first discussed back to office life, we highly recommend you pause and go listen to Reimagining the Office to set the stage.

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Episode 5: Expert Insights: The 201 Ellicott Project

On episode 5, we talk with members of The 201 Ellicott Project development team, Denise Juron-Borgese (Vice President of Development and Planning, Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation) and Stuart Green (Owner, Braymiller Market). The 201 Ellicott Project consists of 201 affordable housing apartments and a fresh food market in the heart of Downtown Buffalo. The project has received numerous accolades, including the Business First 2022 Golden Brick Award.

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Why Use A Third Party HOA Manager?

Homeowners associations (HOA) are an excellent tool used by a group of organized homeowners, typically in a large planned housing development, to help organize, inform, and enforce standards related to the presentation and upkeep of property within a development. Typically governed by a collection of volunteer residents from the neighborhood, the workload associated with various roles in the HOA can become overwhelming. Managing budgets, vendors and scheduling related to lawncare, snow removal, deck and roof repairs in combination with regular meetings, collection of dues and a myriad of additional tasks and you can quickly see why.


Episode 4: The Rise of Residential

On Episode 4 of Ciminelli Chats, "The Rise of Residential," we sit down with special guests from Ciminelli’s Residential Property Management Team to discuss the company's residential history, trends in the Buffalo market, and best practices for residential management. 

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Episode 3: EOS: A Focus on Success

In this episode, we take a deep dive into EOS with Ciminelli’s Vice President of Human Resources, Mariann Stiles.

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Episode 2: Reimagining the Office

On this episode, we chat with Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation’s Executive Vice President, Kyle Ciminelli, about changing tenant-landlord expectations and how the pandemic has impacted back to office life.

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Episode 1: Why Boston?

Recently, we sat down with Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation’s CEO, Paul Ciminelli, to discuss the company’s recent investment activity in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Minimize Maintenance & Repair with These 5 Tips

When it comes to managing retail properties, like convenience stores, service stations, etc., maintenance and repair can be overwhelming. With the help of these five tips, you can tackle maintenance and repair like a pro while minimizing the time, energy, and expenses that often accompany retail property management.

Why Hiring A Property Manager is the Right (and Smart) Choice

Owning property, whether it be residential or commercial, can be a rewarding experience. After purchasing real estate, you want to guarantee your properties are protected at all costs. This means providing proper care and maintenance to all properties, a tedious undertaking when assuming sole responsibility for property management activities. If you are struggling to maintain your real estate investment(s), it may be time to consider hiring an experienced property manager to handle your operational needs.

5 Benefits of Having an HOA Manager

Living in a community that is managed by a Homeowner Association (HOA) has an immense amount of benefits, including increase in property value, a rise in community engagement, well-maintained common areas, access to amenities, and architectural controls. Partnering with Ciminelli to manage your HOA brings a full range of experience to your community. As a full-service real estate firm, we bring a set of professionals that are knowledgeable in financial management and reporting, vendor procurement, management of operations and maintenance, preventive maintenance, and more. 

6 Considerations While Apartment Hunting

As we enter the peak of the busiest rental and moving period, the array of available apartment options can be overwhelming. Whether you’re an experienced renter, or this is your first time renting, finding the perfect apartment that fits both your lifestyle and budget can be a difficult task. There are an endless amount of questions to consider, such as do you prefer downtown or the suburbs? A cozy duplex or an apartment community? What are your “must have” factors? Parking? Maybe an abundance of natural light? 

Although these questions are all based on personal preference and we can’t answer them for you, we can guide you through some of the top considerations that should make it onto your checklist. 

Post-COVID-19: The Future of Office and Work

While we are still a long way from completely overcoming COVID-19, the release of effective vaccines has delivered a dose of optimism to many organizations and employees who are trying to plan for a world post-pandemic. Navigating the COVID-19 aftermath will not only be one of the biggest personal challenges many will have to face in their lifetime, but also one of the biggest business challenges in our history. 

The National Importance of Public Transportation to Commercial Real Estate

It seems intuitive that commercial real estate properties proximate to public transportation would be more sought after, and would, therefore, have higher property values and draw higher rental rates. While intuition is important in commercial real estate, facts must always support our thinking. So, let’s take a look at some of the data that confirms a longstanding rule of real estate development: location matters. This axiom is particularly true when it comes to locations and public transportation.

Looking Ahead

There is no blueprint to follow when it comes to handling the changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, there is only reliance on our previous experience, real time updates from our global network and confidence that we can be industry leaders in this time of crisis.

Managing Buildings and Building Relationships

When a commercial building is empty, it still needs to be thoughtfully managed and monitored. In recent weeks, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many buildings that housed “non-essential” businesses have been temporarily vacated.

Expecting the Unexpected

At Ciminelli, our real estate professionals have come to expect the unexpected. This is increasingly true in real estate development.

Business as "UN" usual—24/7 service delivery provides the foundation during extraordinary situations

The COVID-19 crisis has certainly presented us all with challenges, both professional and personal.  At Ciminelli, our Facilities Management Service Team faces unique challenges every day.

Ciminelli Suburban vs. Urban Office Space


When selecting a location for a new office space, one of the most important considerations is whether to choose an urban or a suburban setting. Location matters to both your employees and your clients, so it's important to get this crucial aspect of your new office space right.

Here are five considerations when choosing a new office location


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