Building A Residential Community

For this episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Jared White, the President & CEO of Il Mulino, and Juliette Brown, a Residential Leasing and Property Manager here at Ciminelli Real Estate. Jared has been a good friend of ours over the past few years and has experience both as a resident and commercial tenant at two of our downtown Buffalo residential properties. Il Mulino has grown immensely since it first opened shop in The Sinclair building, by not only expanding its operations to multiple locations, but creating a welcoming community that exudes Buffalo pride. Juliette has been with Ciminelli for four years and has been an integral part of The Sinclair community. She is the face that our prospective residents are greeted with when inquiring about living in one of The Sinclair’s loft-style luxury apartments. Together, Jared and Juliette have witnessed this community grow into something quite special, so we wanted to connect and discuss how to build and maintain a collaborative residential community in an emerging urban neighborhood.

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For more details on leasing and availability, contact Juliette Brown at or visit our Residential Management page.

The Sinclair (Check Out Il Mulino)

The Mentholatum

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