Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation leading the charge for sustainable development in WNY

Thu, Oct 12th 2023 01:58pm

Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation

The newly renovated lobby at Downtown Buffalo’s Lafayette Court Building was the backdrop for an industry event highlighting energy efficient development in Western New York this past month. Coordinated by the Western New York Sustainable Round Table (SBR), a non-profit group demonstrating how businesses can take a lead in integrating sustainability into their operations, the event featured a panel discussion with some of the region’s experts on sustainable development.

Ciminelli participated in the discussion, alongside speakers from National Grid, National Fuel, NYSERDA, NYSEG, and Rigidized Metals. With over 40 years of development experience in Western New York, Ciminelli’s project approach has stood the test of time, in large part because it has focused on and continues to strive for sustainability from the very beginning.

Denise Juron-Borgese, Vice President of Development and Planning at Ciminelli, was the lead panelist at the SBR event, sharing her experience with sustainable land management and realizing energy efficient developments.

“Sustainable development is our responsibility to the community as corporate stewards,” said Juron-Borgese. “What sustainability means for each project presents a great opportunity to continuously grow in best practices.”

The Lafayette Court Building lobby renovation is just the latest example of a Ciminelli project that is setting the tone for sustainable developments in WNY. The renovation included 140 water furnace heat pumps, 108 high efficiency plumbing fixtures, LED lighting, and commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and ducts, meeting the requirements for the National Fuel Non-Residential Conservation Incentive and NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump programs.

Overall, energy efficiency has leapt to the forefront of importance for development projects, with the goal of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. By optimizing energy consumption and harnessing renewable energy sources, these sustainability-focused developments significantly lower carbon footprints, contributing to a greener future. Additionally, energy efficiency can lead to substantial cost savings for businesses, as reduced energy consumption translates into lower utility bills and a reduced overall operating expense. Ultimately, energy-efficient developments are a cornerstone of responsible urban planning, fostering environmentally friendly communities while simultaneously benefiting the economy and the well-being of tenants.

As Ciminelli continues to assess future developments across Western New York, considering energy efficiency and utilizing sustainability incentives are driving forces behind project selection. Juron-Borgese stated, “It is a key and consistent criterion from concept, to design, to construction, to operations. From our owner’s perspective, sustainable projects benefit our end-users and enhance the bottom line.”

About Western New York Sustainability Round Table
WNY SBR strives to reduce environmental risk and advance sustainability across WNY’s leading industries by working together with business leaders to provide guidance and knowledge and create sustainability subject matter experts. By leveraging the collective knowledge of a diverse business pool, SBR offers members practical advice, inspiration, and access to tools that can be implemented to reduce environmental impact while achieving economic gain and risk reduction.

About Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation
Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation provides commercial real estate services including development, facilities management, investments, residential management, asset management, tenant representation, real estate consulting, and brokerage services to over 350 international, national, and local clients in New York, Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.  


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