Why Hiring A Property Manager is the Right (and Smart) Choice

Owning property, whether it be residential or commercial, can be a rewarding experience. After purchasing real estate, you want to guarantee your properties are protected at all costs. This means providing proper care and maintenance to all properties, a tedious undertaking when assuming sole responsibility for property management activities. If you are struggling to maintain your real estate investment(s), it may be time to consider hiring an experienced property manager to handle your operational needs.

Training & Expertise

Let’s be real – property management requires wearing many hats. From maintenance to asset management to marketing, it is challenging to be successful without prior experience and the infrastructure necessary to create and support success. Hiring a property manager reduces the load and effectively places responsibility in the hands of real estate professionals. Not to mention, they serve as a buffer between owners and tenants, so you do not have to worry about ironing out the nitty gritty issues and responding to requests at all hours of the day and night. Here at Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation, we are well-known for having the most highly trained professionals on our staff. Our property managers and maintenance technicians are licensed/certified in many areas of expertise from finance to building systems, often eliminating the need to call in a vendor for support.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance and repairs are commonly overwhelming aspects of owning property. The great benefit of partnering with a property management company is they become your one point of contact for all maintenance and repair processes. Managers oversee all vendor relationships to maximize quality and minimize cost by using their vast network of credible contractors. Vetting, hiring, and scheduling techs in addition to fielding incoming requests from tenants is exactly what they are meant to tackle. As an owner, this will allow you time to focus on other property demands and future investments to build your real estate portfolio.

Asset Management

In addition to handling maintenance and repair operations, property management companies, like Ciminelli, may also provide asset management services. Timely rent collection, management of capital budgeting, and the overall financial outlook as it relates to your properties, are all handled by a team of real estate professionals. Experienced companies will have tried and true procedures in place to effectively manage the rent collection process and other finance related needs, as well as relay expectations to tenants. This will relieve you of the financial headaches that often accompany property ownership; Moreover, investment risk is mitigated thanks to the many years of professional experience property managers and their teams accumulate.


When hiring a property manager, not only are you obtaining expert support, but you also gain access to the technology services that make communication efficient and effective. For example, Ciminelli’s 24-hour-per-day, 7-days-per-week management service allows us to promptly respond to customers’ requests using a web-based work order system. This means all work orders are received, processed, and dispatched electronically with the touch of a finger. Each of our maintenance techs are equipped with a smartphone, so they receive work orders immediately, thereby expediting the service. Owners can track maintenance activities to understand costs, timing, possible building issues, and more.

Marketing Support

In order to be a profitable property owner, you must advertise any open space to potential renters and promote occupying tenant businesses to build strong, long-lasting tenant relationships. Thankfully, property managers understand the current market and can use the latest technology and media platforms to keep your property rented. Marketing properties can be a full-time job within itself, so having personnel equipped with the resources to fully support your marketing needs is vital.

Responsiveness & Effectiveness

Having a management team at your disposal opens the door for open and honest communication when it comes to handling property needs. Together, you can provide your tenants with high quality care, and you can rest easy knowing your property management company has already vetted suppliers and vendors to deliver superior service. When exploring your options, ask about the company’s responsiveness and their approach to tackling customer needs. It is important to find the right fit for not only your property, but for your tenants as well. Throughout Ciminelli’s years of experience, we have found that the most successful approach to any project is through superior performance, teamwork, and strong communication with the customer.

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If managing your properties has become too much for you to operate on your own, finding a property management company could be the right (and smart) choice for you. Maintain your real estate investments with the proper care they require, backed by a team of professionals with years of experience in maintenance, asset management, marketing support, technology, and customer relationships. If you’re interested in learning more about what Ciminelli’s property management services can do for you please contact our experts today!

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